Best Game Video Award – Regulations


International Best Game Video Award competition.

I General Provisions

  1. The Organizer of Best Game Video Award (Award) is Vitruvio Foundation (Organizer) with its registered office in Poznan, National Court Register Number 0000669267, Wierzbiecice 57/2, 61-547 Poznan.
  2. Objectives of the Award:
    1. recognition of interesting artistic attitudes that occur the computer games trailers, cinematics and promotional movies
    2. promoting the art created with digital techniques
    3. drawing attention to computer games as an independent type of modern art
  3. The submission to the Award will be subjected to pre-selection by the Jury consisting of Organizers and the Game Industry Conference Program Board (1st stage) choosing the Best Game Video Award Nominees (Nominees).
  4. From the Nominees, the winners will be chosen by the audience during a gala taking place during the Game Industry Conference Geek Week in Poznan in October 2019 (2nd stage).

II Participants

  1. The Competition Participant may be an adult or a company, who has become acquainted with these Regulations and accepts its provisions.
  2. The Competition cannot be participated in by employees or management of the Competition Organizer or by persons directly involved in the preparation and conduct of the Competition.
  3. The Competition is open and international.
  4. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.
  5. The Nominees are required to attend the Award gala.
  6. The Organizer shall not cover the travel costs of Participants to the exhibition.

III Conditions of the Participation

  1. In order to take part in the Competition, it is necessary to send an application by the specified deadline through a submission form available online:
  2. The works which are sent after the specified deadline will not take part in the Competition.
  3. Participants can send in one or more submissions.
  4. The date of the submitted movies premiere must not be earlier than 26th of August 2018. Older movies are automatically removed from the Award.
  5. Deadline for movies submission is 31st of August 2019 (31.08.2019).
  6. By sending the submission form, the Participant confirms that they have full copyrights, personal and property right to the materials.
  7. Results of the Competition are not subject to an appeal.

IV Schedule

  1. The stages of the Award are as follows:
    1. Announcement of the Competition on the Organizer’s website,
    2. Online submission of applications,
    3. Jury proceedings,
    4. Announcement of the Nominees (on Organizer’s web page),
    5. The Best Game Video Award gala.
  2. The Organizer shall immediately inform the Participants of the Awards of the results of the 1st stage by email. The Organizer shall not bear any responsibility for mistakes in the contact details provided by the Competition Participants.

V Awards

  1. The Organizer shall establish the following statutory awards for the winners:
    1. The right to use the “Best Game Video 2019” title
    2. The right to use the “Best Game Video 2019” logo and badge on all PR material of the game
    3. A proper award statuette
  2. The Organizer may award additional distinctions.

VI Copyright

  1. The Participant, at the moment of submission to the Award, grants the Organizer the right to free, unlimited in time and territory, use of the submitted works or their fragments in the following fields of use:
    1. reproduction of the work submitted for the Competition on the websites and in other media as a part of promotion and advertising of the Competition or the Organizer,
    2. recording and reproduction by any means, including printing, and digital technology, dissemination in any other way, including through public display and exhibition,
    3. use of selected works for educational purposes.
  2. The Organizer may use the rights included in the first point on condition that the author of work is indicated.
  3. Personal copyrights to works shall not be transferred to the Organizer as a result of the Competition.
  4. Taking part in the Competition is tantamount to the Participant’s liability for claims of third parties against the competition organizer in the event of infringement of copyright
    by the Participant in the submitted project or providing incorrect data.

VII Personal Data

  1. The Participants’ data is managed by Vitruvio Foundation, ul. Wierzbięcice 57/2, 61-547 Poznań.
  2. Data Protection Officer: Jakub Wawrzyniak, e-mail:
  3. The Participants’ data is processed on the basis of consent, on the basis of the legally justified interest of the Administrator in order to execute the sale transaction, contact you in case of such a need and to consider possible complaints.
  4. The Participants’ data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and under the up to date legal bases. It applies even when a new legal ground has appeared, for example, a law or the need to enforce claims in court.
  5. Providing data is voluntary. However, failure to provide data prevents the participation in the Award.
  6. The Participants’ data may be transferred to our partners in order to be able to properly conduct the Award. This applies to companies that provide the Organizer with IT or accounting services, companies dealing with claims, intermediaries in the ordering of courier services, postal operators, courier companies or websites servicing online payments.
  7. GDPR gives the Participants rights to view the data, correct the incorrect data, demand for deleting data, raise objections to the processing of data. If a Participant raises the demand of deleting your data, the Organizer will delete those if the data are no longer necessary to fulfil a goal, for which they were saved. The Participants have right to lodge a complaint about the processing of the data by us to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection.

VIII Final Provisions

  1. The Organizer shall not be responsible for applications that did not reach him due to reasons beyond his control.
  2. Taking part in the Competition is tantamount to accepting the terms of these Regulations.
  3. In all matters not regulated by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  4. For questions about the Competition contact the Organizer via e-mail: .