Online tickets


Join us and attend the online part
of the Game Industry Conference.
Pay What You Like for the ticket
and support Ukrainian gamedev!


If you want to come to GIC in person,
you should go here and choose a different ticket.


We have always aimed to help gamedev in our region, and the #GICcares way of thinking is strong in us.
Now the gamedev friends that we must care most about are those in Ukraine.
All income from these PWYL tickets will be allocated to help Ukrainian gamedev.

We see PWYL as the only way to price full access to the online parts of the conference in 2022. As we did in 2020 and 2021.
We are not differentiating online tickets. Everything will be available as PWYL. Not only the talks but even the business level access, including the premium business meetings system.
One can see it as “price it to what is it worth for you,” or as…

Support or be supported

The GIC is organized by Vitruvio Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization with statutory goals to support game development, education, research, and innovations. And we have been doing that for almost ten years now!
Choosing its own price, one can back programs organized by GIC to support Ukrainian gamedev, including:

  • a GDC scholarship – taking Ukrainian developers who otherwise could never afford it, to this key event who otherwise could never afford it
  • a program to bring Ukrainians the business connection to help the industry and economy
  • visibility programs supporting the Ukrainian cause
  • and more to come…

And no, these funds will not go to the program to provide Ukrainians with no-cost tickets to our own conference.
This comes from our care ??
If you are Ukrainian, simply apply here.

But if it is you who needs support,
then the option to choose zero is RECOMMENDED for you.
No matter where you are from.


The PWYL ticket is an online counterpart of both the Developer Pass and the Business Pass.
This ticket grants online access to all streamed knowledge from #GIC22 and to business meetings.

Our Ukrainian partners: