Hybrid & safety


Connecting on-site with online – The Hybrid event

Hybrid GIC 2020 aims to meet the needs of those not fond of online events, with ones that cannot or do not want to travel. Like always, being on the frontier of industry events, we will be looking for new solutions for new times.

The on-site part will be as regular as possible, with each of its features connecting online attendees. Streaming from overseas speakers as well as streaming to the online audience, video meeting booths for remote exhibitors, and video meeting kiosks for the meetings system are only part of the solutions we are preparing.



The safety

No matter is more important to us than the wellbeing of the gamedev community. We will be strictly cooperating with Poznan International Fair, who manages to organize expos since Poland’s lockdown was removed in June and still introducing our own numerous solutions.

We aim for GIC to be safer than going out for big shopping, and certainly safer than visiting a pub. We will rely on earlier experiences of our team and partners. Poznan International Fair returned to organizing fairs and expos since the Polish ban on such events was lifted on June 6. In summer months following the safety requirements, about 10 fairs and events were organized. By the start of September, at least three of them will start every week. Poznan Game Arena will be just one expo in a long row.


Together with the PoznaƄ International Expo, we will take all the necessary precautions and even more.

  • Masks are mandatory,
  • We encourage you to perform safe greetings using the Japanese bow,
  • Attendees will be screened on the entrance,
  • Additional medical patrols will be deployed during the event,
  • The disinfectant dispensers are and will be widely installed,
  • The food zones follow all the necessary safety rules, as is required for the restaurants.

No cases of the virus were reported in connection to previous events. None of the Poznan Fair employees have had a coronavirus so far.




We keep the #2020 on our toes

The Game Industry Conference team has experts who have already organized safe events in the 2020 reality. We are checking other events closely, also in person, to learn about difficulties, obstacles, and solutions to potential problems. As we witnessed, well-organized fairs and conferences are safer than vacations or pubs and parties. Given all the security measures it may also feel safer than attending regular shopping.

We all understand that this safety is down to the dues of every one of us. The hybrid approach decision has not been and will not be easy at any time. We still monitor the situation all the time, and if we lose the belief that it can be done safely, we will make the right decision.


The #GIC20 flexibility

Last, but not least we also underline our strict policy of returns. Everyone will have the right to withdraw in case of no certainty whether to attend the event. We have never refused a refund. We remind of our policy: no questions asked refunds.