Ten Square Games


We always dreamt of being able to pursue our hobbies at any time and place. Now we’ve made it possible thanks to our games! Our goal is to make mobile and web games that simulate your favourite activities and allow you to share the joy with your friends.




Ten Square Games is the leading producer of mobile and social games in Poland. We excel at free-to-play games that simulate the most popular outdoor hobbies. We can boast such hits as Let’s Fish and Fishing Clash with millions of players worldwide, and we still have a lot of exciting ideas in store for our players!

So far TSG has completed 6 highly successful projects and more are under development. The games are available on all major social platforms and a network of partner sites.

Ten Square Games was founded in 2011 in Wrocław, Poland, with a mission of experimenting with unique 3D game ideas targeted at social web. What started out as a 3-person project in a 10-square-metre apartment, quickly developed into a company with nearly 180 people on board that serve 30 million active players. And this makes Ten Square Games one of the largest Polish game developers.

As a fast-growing team of game development enthusiasts, we create a challenging work environment open to anybody truly passionate about social entertainment.