Workshops during Game Industry Conference 2017

There are several workshops that will be taking place during the conference. Due to limited capacity, you need to register for every workshop you’d like to attend. This will work on a first-come-first-served basis, but the holders of a GIC ticket will have priority over people who have a PGA ticket. Please also note that the language of the description here corresponds to the language of the workshop itself, that’s why some descriptions are in Polish. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marcin:

More information about others workshops on GIC 2017 will be available soon.

This year, we offer the following workshops:

  • The Pitcher Practise – Piotr Żygadło (Robot Gentleman)

    After many years working on others people’s ideas, now finally you have a shot to stand on your own feet! Together with bunch of friends you burned midnight oil for months – to polish your idea, to prepare best demo, best presentation. Now, in next 10 minutes, you will have the only chance to present it to those VIP guys who have those big pile of money to invest in games. And it starts. Clock is ticking. Investors are getting red. You are ashamed. Everything is a catastrophe. All is lost! There is no hope!” Been there? Or maybe you are just afraid to be there? Or maybe you have second thoughts about why investors/publishers dropped your project? Pitching is an art. Very stressful. Very subtle. And yet simple and elegant in its core. This workshop is designed to practically test your pitching skills and help you find your weaknesses and strong points. To help you to step up your game. At least some (maybe all) of exercises will be done in groups (of around 3 people) and most tasks will integrate public presentation elements. If you already have a team or a project you would like to polish – bring in!

    About spekaer: Ex Artifex Mundi executive and co-founder with over 10 years of industry experience. Produced and co-produced over 30 games, mostly casual titles. In 2014 left Artifex Mundi to try to make his life as an independent games developer. In 2016 joined one of the most successful Polish gamedev studio Robot Gentleman where he plans to help build some great games.
    Time: 3h
    Number of seats: 40
    Day: Will be available later

    Registration will be available in the half of September.