Geek Careers

The career zone was included in the conference in 2016, with seven companies trying to attract employees for their Polish and international offices. These were: 11bit Studios, Huuuge Games, Nordeus, Paymentwall, Qloc, Sperasoft and Techland.It was even more successful than we hoped for. Recruiting companies were reporting they met many candidates, both Polish and foreign and on all levels of experience, starting from juniors and students, but also offering seniors and leads. The best success story is four new employees from this one event.From this year the career zone will be branded as Geek Careers.

Your opportunity for a career

Game industry grows in such an amazing pace that it constantly needs more manpower. And they need a lot more different specialties than someone outside of game industry would imagine.
Definitely specialties with highest demand would be programmers , with second in demand being artists: 2D, 3D,Animators, VFX artists, level artist. Third, designers: gameplay, level, quest and game designers. But that is not all, the industry needs: product managers, QA engineers, testers, player support and many more.Access to Geek Careers is free for all GIC attendees and for all PGA attendees – all you need is 1-day ticket.  

Your opportunity to find a quality employee


The space in Geek Careers is available with bronze sponsorship packages. The idea behind the zone is that all companies should fairly compete with their job offers and not with booth size.

Game Industry Conference has two unique qualities attracting people looking for a job or to change a job:
1. It is held during a weekend,
2. Access to GIC and Geek Careers is affordable.
In result, it attracts more prospective candidates.




Jakub Marszałkowski