Geek Careers Zone

Game industry is growing at such an amazing pace that it constantly needs more manpower. And the range of different specialities wanted is bigger than anyone outside of game industry would imagine. Specialties with highest demand definitely would be programmers, with second being artists: 2D, 3D,Animators, VFX artists, level artist. Third, designers: gameplay, level, quest and game designers. But that is not all, the industry also needs: product managers, QA engineers, testers, player support and many more.

The career zone was introduced in GIC 2016 and then repeated in 2017 and 2018 (under the new name of Geek Careers), with several companies trying to attract employees for their Polish and international offices. These were: 11bit Studios, Anshar Studios, Boombit, Huuuge Games, Nordeus, Paymentwall, Qloc, Sperasoft and Techland. Both editions were even more successful than we hoped for and the recruiting companies were reporting that they met many candidates, both Polish and foreign on all levels of experience. Starting from juniors and students, but also offering seniors and leads.

Encouraged by the success of the previous editions, we’re happy to announce that we’re relaunching Geek Careers in 2019. Bearing in mind that some of you may have limited time or means, we’ve made it really easy to take part in the event – access to Geek Careers is free not only for all GIC attendees, but also you can do a one day visit using the Open Pass.


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