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The game industry is growing at such an amazing pace that it constantly needs more manpower. And the range of different specialties wanted is bigger than anyone outside of the game industry would imagine. Specialties with the highest demand definitely would-be programmers, with the second being artists: 2D, 3D, Animators, VFX artists, level artists. Third, designers: gameplay, level, quest, and game designers. But that is not all, the industry also needs product managers, QA engineers, testers, player support, and many more.

The career zone was introduced in GIC 2016 and then repeated in 2017-2021 (under the new name of Geek Careers), with many companies attracting employees for their Polish and international offices.

Geek Careers in 2022 is already record breaking, for starters with the number of recruiting companies: more than 20 are expected.

Bearing in mind that some of you may have limited time or means, we’ve made it really easy to take part in the event – access to Geek Careers is free not only for all GIC attendees but also you can do a one day visit using the Open Pass.


Rage Quit Games

Rage Quit Games is a game development studio based in Krakow, Poland, that specializes in high-end mobile multiplayer 3D games. In all, their releases have been downloaded over 150 million times, the most successful being The Wolf, which itself has seen over 60 million downloads. The studio is currently working on Tomorrow, a post-apocalyptic online RPG for mobile that will deliver a cutting-edge, never-before-seen gameplay experience.

Ten Square Games

One of the biggest mobile games development companies in Poland, with years of experience providing entertainment for millions of players worldwide. Focusing on 3D simulation hobby games for people who seek outdoor experiences on their mobile devices. Their releases are available on all major social platforms, a network of partner sites, as well as on Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft Store.

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Sperasoft is a leading game co-development company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with development centers in the USA, Poland, and Russia. We offer full development capabilities with comprehensive professional teams that are built upon the best producers, engineers, game designers, and artists in the industry. Sperasoft partners with global gamedev publishers, like Ubisoft, 343, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Blizzard and many others. Our portfolio includes such franchises as Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars, Rainbow Six, League of Legends, Mass Effect and other worldwide famous videogames.
Sperasoft has 2 studios in Poland – Warsaw and Krakow. We are welcome gamedev fans to join our team!

Our vacancies:

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They are one of the biggest worldwide mobile game developers and publishers, and they just reached 1 billion downloads! They’re a group of experienced development, publishing, UA, Ads monetization, and BI professionals. Their most successful titles: Dancing Line, Tiny Gladiators, Build a Bridge, Archery Club, Darts Club, Hunt Royal. They work in a remote/hybrid mode with modern tools, with the best team ever!


Yggdrasil is the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content. The business was founded in 2013 and has, during the past years, evolved from being an established and celebrated slot provider to a global publishing powerhouse

Yggdrasil is a pioneer in the online gaming market and known for its strong corporate culture focused on innovation, creativity, quality, and technology leadership.

Dare to join us? View our open positions
Welcome to Yggdrasil. A Winning Team.


metapro is an ecosystem of web3 applications dedicated to game developers, metaverse, 3d creators, and gamers. Within metapro there is a blockchain protocol (metapro protocol), a market of objects connecting creators with developers and players (metapro market), and a web3 wallet constituting a gateway to the metaverse (metapro wallet).

Are you 2D or 3D graphic designer?
Or maybe character or VFX artist?
Would you like to join our fast growing project –metapro, as a freelancer?
We are looking for bright and creative artists, who can create games objects.

PixelAnt Games

They have one simple goal: to make great games, with great people, in a great atmosphere. They’re part of Sumo Digital, and together they work on the most recognizable AAA/AA+ games (such as Forza Horizon, Control & Sackboy) and collaborate with the biggest partners in the game industry (Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, WB). Last but not least, they’re working on their own IP, which is yet to be revealed! PixelAnt Games is a culture- and people-first studio, that they’re building on a firm set of values. They are strongly committed to fostering a workplace that is healthy, respectful, focused on self-development, and free from crunch. And to make game development more predictable, they combine it with the best software delivery practices. All this to bring fun back into gamedev!

Are you in? Join us as:

Or check the full list of our open positions!

The Farm 51

The Farm 51 Group S.A is a Polish gamedev studio that has been striving to create ambitious and engaging video games for PC and consoles with a captivating story to tell since 2005.

They do it all together – almost 130 passionate individuals, both seasoned specialists and talented high-fliers, whose philosophy in making games is to embrace challenges with curiosity and excitement. And that is exactly the emotion combo they want the players to experience in their titles.

They are currently working on a new unannounced title and are finalising World War 3 – a tactical online multiplayer FPS. Back in 2021 they proudly released Chernobylite, having 4 previous games in their portfolio.

Do you want to help them create some cool games with a wide international audience of players?

We are looking for:

  • Lead Programmer
  • C++ Gameplay Programmer (regular/senior)
  • C++ Online Programmer (regular/senior)
  • 3D Environment Artist (regular/senior)
  • Technical Artist (regular/senior)
  • Concept Artist (regular/senior)
  • Character Artist (junior)
  • Junior Weapon/Vehicle Artist (junior)



a world-leading innovator of products for the online gaming industry. From our 30+ locations, more than 15,000 EVOlutioneers work together to deliver award-winning products. They are recognized for our advanced software and reliable back-end systems. Our code runs 24/7/365 to serve users around the world processing thousands of transactions every second. Evolution Engineering – our technology arm employs 1000+ engineers working from 11 engineering hubs.

Evolution is a world-leading innovator of products for the online gaming industry. From the 30+ locations, more than 15,000 EVOlutioneers work together to deliver award-winning products. They are recognized for their advanced software and reliable back-end systems. The code runs 24/7/365 to serve users around the world, processing thousands of transactions every second. Evolution Engineering – they technology arm employs 1000+ engineers working from 11 engineering hubs


Bloober Team

Established in 2008, Bloober Team is an independent game development studio based in Krakow, Poland  with nearly 200 people strong. Best known for acclaimed horror games including Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, Observer: System Redux and The Medium (Polish Game of The Year, Digital Dragons 2021) the company has made its name as creators of chilling yet memorable experiences with deep storylines and atmospheric set-pieces.

We are looking for:



8Bit is NOT a typical games industry recruitment agency.
They’re a recruitment partner hiring for the video games industry.

Their goal is to support game developers in their career development.

They are building a bridge between skilled, passionate talents and video game studios of all sizes, developing long-lasting relationships and building powerful networks.

This is the part we play in the professional growth of the gaming industry.
Because people create companies. Not the other way around. Want to know more about how we do it?

People Can Fly

PCF Group S.A.  is a global independent AAA games developer and a Warsaw Stock Exchange public company. Founded in 2002, People Can Fly made its mark on the action-shooter genre, developing titles such as Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment, and its most recent game, Outriders. People Can Fly is one of the leading Unreal Engine studios in the industry. Currently PCF employs over 500 people in Warsaw, Rzeszow, Lodz, Newcastle, New York, Chicago, Montreal, and in a remote work system. People Can Fly works on several projects simultaneously, including Project Gemini for Square Enix, Project Dagger for Take-Two Interactive, Project Bifrost – a new game in the self-publishing model, and two projects in the concept phase.

Our vacancies


QLOC provides functional and linguistic testing, co-dev, porting, and remastering services, translate and localize games into 35 languages, deliver 3D graphics, character, and concept art. It hires more than 700 professionals and offers first-class services for the biggest players in the video game industry – EA, Capcom, Warner Bros., CD PROJEKT RED, Activision and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment among many others.

Our vacancies

Vile Monarch

Vile Monarch  is a hard rock games studio from Warsaw, Poland. There’s over 80 of us in our castle, and in 7 years of existence we have released 5 successful games across virtually all platforms – including the hit party series “Oh…Sir!”, the insightful business simulator “Weedcraft Inc”, – and most recently – our coming-of-age life-sim ‘Growing Up’.

We especially love making strategy and management games.

We’re creative, versatile and methodical. Famous party-lovers.

  • Creative/Game Director a.k.a. The Conjurer of Worlds
  • Unreal Programmer a.k.a. Unreal Sourcerer
  • Test Automation Engineer a.k.a. Trail Warlock
  • Community Manager a.k.a. The Voice of The Court
  • Lead Unity Developer a.k.a. Chieftain Sourcerer
  • Regular/Senior Game Designer a.k.a. Master Joy Charmer


RGames is a full-cycle development studio based in Poznan, Poland, that makes PC and consoles games from the concept idea to release. The creative and development teams have been working together for years.

RGames partners with world-renowned Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, ensuring the high quality of their titles.

We are looking for:

  • VFX Artist (Unreal Engine)
  • Senior 3D Character Artist (Characters, Organic and Hard Surface Modeling; Zbrush, 3Dsmax/Maya/Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop)
  • Senior 3D Animator (Maya)
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Senior C++ Engineer (Unreal Engine)

Anshar Studios

Craftmanship is our way. We follow the radical truthfulness philosophy to communicate and, as a result, bring impactful, first-party ideas to life and deliver third-party projects perfected.

Skilled team, well-crafted portfolio, and ambition to grow. We’re hungry for making good games, we specialize in narrative RPG games so check one of ours or let us help you create one for you.

We are looking for:

CD Projekt Red

We are CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, and most recently — Cyberpunk 2077.
We’re building worlds, telling stories, and delivering experiences to captivate, inspire, and entertain — to make hearts beat — for years to come. We always aim to keep gamers at the center of what we do, and over the years we have formed an identity for creating and innovating on immersive RPG experiences rich in multilayered characters, mature storytelling, and player choice.


Techland is one of the biggest and best-known Polish game developers with studios in Wroclaw and Warsaw. For over 30 years, we’ve carried a tradition of providing gamers with unforgettable experiences. We’re an international team of over 400 highly-skilled professionals driven by a passion for gaming, always striving for the best quality.
We’re fueled by the support of our global community built on the foundation of successful AAA franchises such as Call of Juarez, Dead Island, or Dying Light. The gamers’ trust in our games has resulted in our newest project, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, selling more than 5 million copies across all platforms within the first month after release.
On top of continuously growing the world of Dying Light through a robust post-launch support plan for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we’re also working on an unannounced AAA Open World Action RPG set in a brand new fantasy universe; our biggest project to date.
Techland’s mission strictly determines every aspect of our work: we want to create unforgettable experiences.
Our Vacancies

Forever Entertainment S.A.

Forever Entertainment S.A. was established in 2010 and its shares have been listed on the NewConnect Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2011. From that point on, it has been dynamically developing, basing its growth on a diversified video game portfolio and acquiring ever more interesting indie and remake IP every year. Forever Entertainment is in the top three of the largest publishers in the world in terms of the number of games released for the Nintendo Switch console.

Creepy Jar

Creepy Jar, based out of Warsaw, Poland, is the publisher and developer of critically acclaimed survival game Green Hell. Established in 2016, the studio is a collection of seasoned developers and creators combining years of experience from other successful studios such as Techland, Flying Wild Hog, 11 bit studios, and more. In 2019, the studio’s flag title, Green Hell, which is available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, was honored with Digital Dragons Award as Best Polish Game, and at the beginning of 2022 it achieved 3.5 mln copies sold. The studio endeavours to update Green Hell with compelling, free content on a regular basis alongside the implementation of near-constant enhancements. Creepy Jar is also developing their next project code-named ‘Chimera’.

We are looking for:

  • Gameplay Programmer (Regular/Senior)
  • UI Programmer (Regular/Senior)
  • [zlecenie] Senior Character Concept Artist
  • Level / Environment Artist (Generalist)
  • Administration Specialist

Robot Gentleman

Robot Gentleman is an independent games developer based in Poznan, Poland, easily recognizable by their signature headgear. If you’ve ever seen a robot in a top hat, that’s probably one of us! The studio is known for the warmly received dark comedy atomic adventure 60 Seconds! and its spiritual successor – 60 Parsecs!
We are a joyful ensemble of developers who are keen on storytelling experimentation. Creating captivating narratives, bending design ideas and crossing boundaries are what we aim for in our titles. Originally coming from both game development and filmmaking backgrounds, we’ve been fostering our robot culture to create games in our own unique way.
Following the success of the “60” series, we plan to continue developing unconventional games with twisted stories, while also actively engaging with the global gamedev community and supporting the local indie scene in our home city of Poznan, Poland.

Job offers.

Roboto Global

Founded in 2002, Roboto specialises in providing professional game localisations, film translations, and literary translations into over 50 language pairs. The company has collaborated with top players in the world of digital entertainment, such as EA, Sony, Sega, and Riot Games, as well as self-publishing game studios, including 11 bit studios (Frostpunk, This War of Mine) and Image & Form Games (SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech). For more than a dozen years now, translation and dubbing services provided by Roboto have been highly valued by consumers and media alike.

Artifex Mundi

Artifex Mundi is a game developer and publisher. We’ve sold over 10 million copies of Hidden Object games to date. Right now, we’re focusing on developing F2P mobile HO and RPG games. We’ve been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2016.


Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio are the four well-designed and integrated pillars that make up the GameSwift ecosystem. Our original infrastructure facilitates implementing blockchain technology and sharing in-game resources for game developers and lets the players enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest.


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