Geek Careers Zone

Game industry is growing at such an amazing pace that it constantly needs more manpower. And the range of different specialities wanted is bigger than anyone outside of game industry would imagine. Specialties with highest demand definitely would be programmers, with second being artists: 2D, 3D,Animators, VFX artists, level artist. Third, designers: gameplay, level, quest and game designers. But that is not all, the industry also needs: product managers, QA engineers, testers, player support and many more.

The career zone was introduced in GIC 2016 and then repeated in 2017 and 2018 (under the new name of Geek Careers), with several companies trying to attract employees for their Polish and international offices. These were: 11bit Studios, Anshar Studios, Boombit, Huuuge Games, Nordeus, Paymentwall, Qloc, Sperasoft and Techland. Both editions were even more successful than we hoped for and the recruiting companies were reporting that they met many candidates, both Polish and foreign on all levels of experience. Starting from juniors and students, but also offering seniors and leads.

Encouraged by the success of the previous editions, we’re happy to announce that we’re relaunching Geek Careers in 2019. Bearing in mind that some of you may have limited time or means, we’ve made it really easy to take part in the event – access to Geek Careers is free not only for all GIC attendees, but also you can do a one day visit using the Open Pass.


Previously recruiting companies:


11 bit studios

11 bit studios is an independent game company based in Warsaw (Poland), devoted to creating and publishing meaningful games able to leave a strong mark on a widely understood pop culture.

Proud developers of Frostpunk, This War of Mine and Anomaly Series, publishers of Beat Cop, Tower 57 and Moonlighter.
Currently working on secret Project 8 and getting ready to publish Children of Morta.



Abstraction Games

Abstraction Games is an independent Game Studio where we do our own games, as well as co-development work and adaptations of other games. We started 10 years ago as 2 people in a garden shed, and now have over 40 people in a newly renovated office just outside of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

We encourage an open and collaborative atmosphere. We surround ourselves with incredibly talented people who naturally promote a culture of discovery and innovation.

We are currently working on a new IP that we’re not quite ready to talk about here, but we are really excited about it! Additionally, we also do co-development work. As a small company, you’ll have a chance to work on many different projects. Some of our previous successes are Ark: Survival Evolved, The King of Fighters XIV, Hotline Miami 1&2, Don’t starve, the Sexy Brutale, Broforce, and more!

Where We Are:

Eindhoven is the tech center of The Netherlands and a thriving international city. It is very modern, progressive, and diverse. Small enough to explore on a bicycle, and large enough to house a technology university, a top-tier football team, and the longest bar and restaurant street in the country.




BoomBit is a multinational company, actively engaged in all facets of the mobile gaming business.

We develop and publish highly popular and innovative games of all styles and genres. We have successfully developed and released over 50 games, downloaded and enjoyed by millions of players from all over the world. The list of our biggest hits includes Build a Bridge, Tiny Gladiators and Dancing Line, released in cooperation with Cheetah Mobile.

Apart from releasing games of our own, recently we have become engaged in third-party publishing. Tanks a Lot!, originally developed by Highcore Labs, is the first game launch founded on such a formula. It became an immediate success with over a 3 million downloads on iOS and Android in its first month. We never seize searching for new opportunities and ideas for growth, never rest on our laurels nor take what we have achieved for granted. We are always eager to push the limits of what is possible just a little further.



Huuuge Games


We are Huuuge Games, a leading real-time mobile games developer and publisher, focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar social casino gaming market worldwide. On our way to becoming the global leader in real-time free-to-play casual gaming, we re-define the category experience to give maximum joy and fun to players all across the globe.





King is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, with people all around the world playing one or more of our games.

We have developed more than 200 fun titles, and offer games that are enjoyed all around the world. Our franchises include Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch. We have 270 million monthly active users as of first quarter 2018 across web, social and mobile platforms.

We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide. We embed social features in our games that enhance the player   experience.

We also build on a unique and passionate company culture predicated on collaboration, humility and respect. We believe all of these elements in combination have made our games a great part of our players’ daily entertainment.

King has game studios in Stockholm, Malmo, London, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco and Seattle, along with offices in Malta, Tokyo and Bucharest.




Narra is a company developing innovative solutions for video game creators.

We believe in power of interactive stories — and we believe that today the best medium to craft immersive narratives are video games. At the same time we understand how demanding this process is; we want to facilitate it and make the development of absorbing, engaging games easier. The tools and solutions we create at Narra address the actual needs of our gamedev studios that we cooperate with (Polyamorous Games, Atomic Wolf, Different Tales and others).

Join us and start changing the future of game development with today!




For publishers and developers, QLOC is a first-class service provider that ensures peace of mind, because only QLOC guarantees quality delivered on time.

Although we’re recognized worldwide as one of the best porting vendors, we’re more than just a bunch of cross-platform devs. Our team includes over 350 professionals specializing in Development, Quality Assurance and Localization. We provide functional, compliance, localization and compatibility testing, translate and localize games in 30 languages, and also offer co-development and remastering services.

We’re like customizable bricks that you can combine or divide, depending on your needs and expectations, to build a perfectly matched team that will make your problems just float away. And everything in a safe environment, because we’re obsessed with security standards.

In a world of contractors, we’re skilled craftsmen and artists helping developers spend 100% of their time creating great entertainment experiences.



Tate Multimedia


Tate Multimedia S.A. is a Poland-based international independent developer (INDIE AA) and game publisher. Studio maintains close partnerships with major players in the sector: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The company is publishing games on all major platforms and developing exclusive titles. In the past, Tate Multimedia developed license-based games for major publishers in Europe (Koch Media, Atari), but now the team is focusing on developing their own brands.


The studio operates according to the “house of ideas” model on an everyday basis, which means no idea is off the table allowing developers to have the creative freedom to continually seek new, daring, and even risky projects.

Company’s own brands are:

  • 3 installments of “KAO the Kangaroo”, published on GameCube, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, XBOX, PSP and PC.
  • “Urban Trial” series: “Urban Trial Freestyle” published on PlayStation 3, PSVita, PC, and iOS, “Urban Trial Freestyle 2”, which was Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and this year premiere “Urban Trial Playground” – Nintendo Switch exclusive
  • “Steel Rats” – an upcoming 2,5D vehicular combat platform game developed for PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC.




YAGER is an independent developer of computer and video games based in Berlin, Germany. We are an English-speaking studio that employs more than 90 people from 15 different countries. As passionate gamers ourselves, our focus is on the games we love to play: AAA, multi-platform experiences for a global audience.

Our people are our most important asset. Their individual skillsets and backgrounds, their creative and innovative thinking, and their love for games all create a collaborative environment which allows everyone to make their mark. We invest in the development of our staff, and reward their contributions with perks such as company parties, opportunities for trainings and workshops, and more.

YAGER is housed in a 2200m2 loft on the banks of the river Spree in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, one of the most energetic and culturally rich neighborhoods in Berlin.




Jakub Marszałkowski