Speakers submission

The GIC is the best place for experience sharing in gamedev. With special impact being put on the quality of talks and their advanced and non-generic content, the GIC was gathering over 3300 attendees each year. Speaking at the GIC is your opportunity to present yourself as professional.

For GIC’24 we ask speakers to attend the in-person event in Poznan. 

Scope and requirements for talks

Instead of limiting talks with some strict scope, we prefer the primary distinction of qualifying being an affirmative answer to the question ”Will audience of game developers benefit from this talk?”. The submissions might fit the list of tracks given in the form, but we are always willing to open new tracks if there is a purpose behind that.

The GIC uses an attendee experience level system for talks (1 – basic, 2 – intermediate, 3 – advanced). We are strongly encouraging speakers to bring more advanced and specialized topics. Beginner-level talks or generic content are the easiest to find, and conferences and even student events are abundant with that. Ideal talk is a practical one, where you are sharing your real experience of solving some game development problems, diving deep into details, and offering the takeaway that developers can learn from and reuse some ideas in their own work.

GIC accepts short talks (20 min of content + 5 min Q&A) or long talks (45 min of content + 10 min Q&A). All talks should be in English, the exception of using Polish instead, is meant rather for strictly Polish topics (e.g. Polish legal matters, taxes, education, etc…).

Submission and review process

Please submit your talk proposal below.

GIC uses one of the most advanced review systems around. Submissions will be assessed by the Boards of the conference. You will usually be assessed by three of them, that will score the talk and comment on its strengths and weaknesses or how the talk can be made better.

You are always getting feedback from the GIC, even if your talk is rejected. Our review procedure also includes the steps of revision or replying to reviewers, which are used when the submission was not deep enough, reviewers have questions, their scores differ significantly, or in any other way, this can help in the reviewing process. You might be asked to reply to the reviewers’ doubts, supplement some parts of the submission or even provide the slides in advance.

Speakers benefits and responsibilities

By submitting, you confirm that you are going to attend the conference and present your talk live. As the GIC is NOT reimbursing speakers for travel or accommodation, you also confirm that you are able to cover these costs on your own or receive funding for that purpose elsewhere. By submitting you also confirm that you are knowledgeable on your presentation topic, have all the rights to the presented content and that you are going to spend an appropriate amount of time preparing the presentation and the talk. We strongly recommend spending at least one workday to prepare the presentation and at least one trial of the entire talk before the conference. Please note, that on the GIC the speakers are given scores by the audience using a mobile app and these are publicly visible.

As a speaker, you will be granted a Business Pass for the GIC. It covers full conference access including all talks, all expo zones, invitation to business meeting system, access to the business lounge with drinks, snacks, and lunches as well as invitations to evening parties, again with free drinks and food.

Please fill the form below carefully and complete all required fields to help our Boards in assessing your talk. Information in fields marked with [public] will be used publicly to promote your talk, your person, and your company. Any text there might be subject to editorial work. The remaining fields are for internal use only.

If you submitted a talk to any previous GIC you are invited to log in using your original details. You can use the forgotten password reminder option, if necessary.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact olga@gic.gd.

Best Speaker Award

The quality of talks was always of critical importance for us. At the upcoming GIC’24, for the fourth time, outstanding presentations will be honored with The Best Speaker Award. The award will be granted after the conference, by the selection of the GIC Advisory Board among talks achieving the best scores from the audience.
The best lecturers will be rewarded with “eternal glory” and 1000 euros each. Awards will be divided categories, three categories are happening since GIC’21, but we are talking with sponsors about more categories and bigger prizes.

The deadline for the open call is 13th of August.

But please do not wait until the deadline! We are reviewing the talks as they come. Earlier submission should provide you with an earlier review and possibly acceptance of the talk. However, consider that the review may take time, especially in an additional reviewer is needed. The submission panel will always allow you to check its progress.

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