Polish game industry


At the end of 2019, the GIC team started an unprecedented program to research Poland’s game industry. The primary aim is to fill the principal holes in knowledge about the sector. The project, however, will be run continuously, with constant data gathering. That way, regular updates will keep relevant all the knowledge about the industry. And it will always be available on this page.

The first results of this effort are contained in “The Game Industry of Poland – Report 2020” report, published by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Among much other useful information forming a coherent view on the sector, it contains completely new and first-time available data:

  • industry size with updated numbers of studios and trends,
  • the number of people working in game production in Poland,
  • analysis of sales revenues of the Polish game producers for four consecutive years,
  • export of games from Poland breakdown,
  • data on game releases of Polish studios,
  • and much more…


We hope you will enjoy reading it!