Polish Game Industry

as seen on the Poznań Game Arena and Game Industry Conference

The Game Industry Conference takes place alongside the Poznan Game Arena, one of the most important and largest game expos in Europe. Over 79 300 visitors enjoy the show by testing games and hardware from more than 220 expositors.

The two events are the best place to meet most of the people from the Polish Game Industry. There are already more than 440 studios and 9 710 people working in games development in Poland. And if you include all the additional services, such as outsourcing, Q&A, localization, publishing and distribution, this number will surely double in its size.

B2B exhibition zone and meeting system

The GIC offers the best B2B opportunities to reach industry professionals from Poland and most of the Central and Eastern Europe. The B2B exhibition zone, although located in the proximity of the B2C area of the PGA Expo tradeshow, is separated and offers an excellent environment for meeting developers and business partners.

A professionally organized meeting area with a Meet to Match meeting system allows for well-organized sessions with just the proper business partners you are looking for. The Business Lounge offers a place to sit down and chill out or to have a casual conversation. It also serves meals during lunch hours and coffee, soft drinks and snacks non-stop.

Finally, the networking events planned for each evening are designed to include space to sit and talk as well as to taste Polish foods and drinks.

Recruitment event

GeekCareers started in 2016, with seven companies searching for employees for their Polish and international offices. Its success exceeded our expectations and hopes. Recruiting companies reported that they have met many candidates, both Polish and foreign, on all levels of expertise, starting from juniors and students, but also reaching into the group of experienced seniors and leads. The best success story is four new employees for an individual company only from this event. One of the biggest advantages of GeekCareers is high availability for potential candidates, both in terms of ticket pricing and the time – the event is happening over the weekend.

Teaching event with advanced talks

At the GIC we believe in the learning value of talks and we think that the content of presentations and meetings is more important than big names. Due to our unique marking of the presentation difficulty level (1 - basic, 2 - intermediate, 3 - advanced), we are looking for talks that will provide useful insight even to developers with years of experience. Speaker candidates have to go through an advanced and rigorous submission and review system, while our Advisory Board is working hard to verify the potential value of every talk.

And it pays off: the GIC is seen as a major teaching event with talks of only the best quality.


Central & Eastern European Game Awards is a new initiative to recognize and promote the best video games from this region yearly. The CEE region is big and important and yet often underseen part of the global gaming industry. The region totals over 1000 game development studios, over 25000 people producing games and many interesting success stories.

Central & Eastern European Game Awards 2020 announcement is to be declared.


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GIC place and time

Games Industry Conference takes place in the area of Poznan International Fair next to Poznan Game Arena expo. GIC will take place in pavilon 15, in its 2 aulas, 4 conference rooms and its other areas, while PGA will be held in 50m walk distance in pavilons 7, 7a, 8, 8a, 6, 6a and 5. (more)

In 2020, GIC will take place on:
Thursday, November 19th – Saturday, November 21st
Have any questions? Contact us: contact@gic.gd


Poznań is quite easily reachable from all around the Europe.
Poznań is the eastern neighbor of Berlin. There are multiple trains and bus lines that take 3h to travel and offer prices starting from 10Euro.
There are regular direct flights from following cities:
Star Aliance Airlines: Frankfurt, Lviv, Munich, Warsaw–Chopin, Copenhagen.
Ryanair: Stockholm, Sandefjord, Billund, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London Standstet, Bristol, Dublin, Cork, Paris-Beuavais, Alicante, Girona, Bergamo, Rome, Malta, Corfu, Athens, Kavala, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Odessa, Kiev, Kharkiv.
Wizz Air: Sandefjord, Doncaster/Sheffield, Birmingham, Eindhoven, Paris-Beauvais, Kiev, London–Luton.

For more detailed information, see our travel guide.