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Polish Game Industry

as seen on the Game Industry Conference

The Game Industry Conference takes place alongside the Poznan Game Arena, one of the most important and largest game expos in Europe. Over 79 300 visitors enjoy the show by testing games and hardware from more than 220 expositors.

The two events are the best place to meet most of the people from the Polish Game Industry. There are already more than 500 studios and 15 200 people working in games development in Poland. And if you include all the additional services, such as outsourcing, Q&A, localization, publishing and distribution, this number will surely double in its size.

The hybrid event Connecting on-site with online

Hybrid GIC 2022 aims to meet the needs of those not fond of online events, with ones that cannot or do not want to travel. Like always, being on the frontier of industry events, we will be looking for new solutions for new times.

GRIP for the best meetings

The GIC offers the best B2B opportunities to reach industry professionals from Poland and most of Central and Eastern Europe. Our meeting app - GRIP - allows for well-organized sessions with just the proper business partners you are looking for.
GRIP on GIC2022 will be available in two options – online and onsite, with traditional meeting tables, coffee, energy drinks, and real people.
In the online part, while offering the most premium meeting system, we humbly keep this as pay what you like, with the choice of zero RECOMMENDED for every indie that needs our support. If you aim for on-site meeting system at the GIC you need to arm yourself with our Business Pass.

Teaching event with advanced talks

At the GIC we believe in the learning value of talks and we think that the content of presentations and meetings is more important than big names. Due to our unique marking of the presentation difficulty level (1 - basic, 2 - intermediate, 3 - advanced), we are looking for talks that will provide useful insight even to developers with years of experience. Speaker candidates have to go through an advanced and rigorous submission and review system, while our Advisory Board is working hard to verify the potential value of every talk.

And it pays off: the GIC is seen as a major teaching event with talks of only the best quality.


Central & Eastern European Game Awards are run as a cooperation of 16 organizations from the region to recognize and promote the best video games yearly. The CEE region is a big and important yet often underseen part of the global gaming industry: it totals over 1000 game development studios, over 30000 people producing games and many interesting success stories.

With the CEEGA gala happening on GIC Saturday, the conference became a meeting place for the industry from the 16 countries of the region.

Featured speakers of GIC'24

Can you have your talk on GIC too? The Call for Speakers awaits you until the 13th of August!

André Berg Bragason

André Berg Bragason

Lead VFX Artist at CCP Games with 17 years of experience in gamedev. Worked from tech art, through 3D and environment art, to VFX in EVE Online.
Martha Weiss

Martha Weiss

Senior Character Concept Artist at IO Interactive. Worked at CD Projekt RED on Cyberpunk and Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty as a concept artist.
Sami Mylly

Sami Mylly

Senior Game Programmer at Fingersoft with over 25 years of gamedev experience as coder, designer, UX/UI developer of mobile games.
Mike Haruki Yamazaki

Mike Haruki Yamazaki

CEO of Shining Tree Inc. Angel investor, founder of Japan's first indie game incubator. Represents Japanese Online Game Association .
Karoliina Korppoo

Karoliina Korppoo

Game producer, narrative designer, and team leader. Senior Producer at Rovio Entertainment. Ex-Lead designer of Cities: Skylines and Cities in Motion by Colossal Order.
Guy Davidson

Guy Davidson

Ex-Head of Engineering Practice at Creative Assembly for 24 years, now Head of Engineering at a stealth startup. Member of C++ standard committee. Worked on many titles from Total War series.
Wolfgang Walk

Wolfgang Walk

Producer and researcher specializing in narrative with 25+ years of experience since Settlers 2. Worked at Blue Byte Software, Massive, Atari, Bandai Namco, Assemble Entertainment, Mimimi and more.
Marilena Cassetta

Marilena Cassetta

Associate Producer at Crytek. Worked on Iron Harvest, and currently on Crysis 4. Has experience in Art Production, Feature Production, Scope Calculation, and Risk Assassment.

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