GIC takes place in area of Poznań International Fair, which is conveniently situated in the center of Poznań, near the Main Train Station.  Please check here for more useful information about how to get here using public transportation or taxi and about the parking zone.


Map of Poznań

This map shows the city of Poznań. The black rectangle icon indicates the location of Poznań Main Train Station. The red rectangle icons indicate: Main Enterance (also known as East Enterance) and  Enterance Gate on Sniadeckich street. (also known as West Enterance)




The map of International Poznań Fair

Below is the International Poznań fair map, indicating all pavilions and enterance gates.
You will find Game Industry Conference in
pavilion 15, located right next to Poznan Game Arena expo. 



Game Industry Conference map (Pavilion 15)

Below you will find the detailed map of Pavilion 15. The Game Industry Conference will take place on Floor 0 and Floor 1 of the pavilion. Additionally, the daycare room will be situated on Floor 2.



We offer big and comfortable conference rooms, large space for B2B exhibition zone, convenient space for MeetToMatch business meetings and designated spot for Geek Careers.

In pavilion 15  we provide a Business Lounge for speakers and Business Pass holders, where you will be able to grab some food and refreshments. 





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