Workshops during Game Industry Conference

Several workshops takes place during the GIC. Due to limited capacity, you are required to register separately for every workshop you’d like to attend. Access will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that the language of the description corresponds with the language of the workshop itself. That’s why descriptions of some workshops are in Polish. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Last years workshop registration had two phases:

  1. GIC ticket holders were first to register to workshops. This phase started when registration for the chosen workshop was open.
  2. Registration was free for all attendees, regardless of what GIC or PGA tickets they use. This phase starts two weeks before the conference.


GIC 2018 workshops list


  • How to plan the production of your first game? – Stan Just (CD PROJEKT RED)

    A short workshop aimed at exercising basic steps of every game production plan. It focuses on building and managing backlog of an exemplary mobile title in the first phases of its production. Apart from practical tips and how-to’s attendees can expect a lot of anecdotes and industry insights about polish gamedev.
    *This is a small sample of a comprehensive course conducted on Game Dev School in Warsaw every year. Best way to get into gamedev.*

    About the speaker: Stan Just is a passionate gamer working as R&D Manager for CD PROJEKT S.A. He also holds a role of a Board Member in the Polish Games Association where he is overseeing multiple state-aid programmes. During his career as a gamedev producer, he worked in Reality Pump on “Two Worlds” franchise games, in 11 bit studios on a number of multiplatform titles including “Anomaly 2”, and finally in CD PROJEKT RED on “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and its expansion packs.

    In the field of game production, he published featured articles on Gamasutra, presented his methods during multiple conferences (including GDC) and taught Project Planning. He is a Psychologist by education and an Executive MBA graduate from UQAM/WSE.

    Additional info: This workshop was directed for people who are making their first steps in video game production or are considering to take up a role of a game producer in the future.

    Time: 3h
    Number of seats: 25


  • Another (LEGO) brick in great design – Marta Ziółkowska (Gspot Studios) , Piotr Mistygacz (Techland) , Jakub Pałyska (Vile Monarch)

    The second edition of Lego workshops on GIC. With extra power of a new game designer on board, we push the subject to another level! We’ll create prototypes of video game levels (using LEGO bricks) with accordance to Game Design guidelines. We will also focus on cooperation between teams to practice the process of video game creation as a whole.

    About the speakers:
    Marta Ziółkowska (Gspot Studios) – founder of Gspot Studios where she juggles the responsibilities of a project manager and level designer. Indie game developer for 6 years. In the past she worked at Infinite Zero Studios, Indago VR, Red Zero Games, Samsung, Cameleon labs, GIC.

    Piotr Mistygacz (Techland) – Senior Level Designer at Techland. More than eleven years of experience as a game developer. Worked on Call Of Juarez series, Dead Island and Dying Light. Currently working on Dying Light 2. He’s willing to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to create games.

    Jakub Pałyska (Vile Monarch) – Lead Game Designer at Vile Monarch. Former freelancer and indie developer. Worked on over 10 titles in a wide spectrum of genres ie. Hard West, Seven, Re-Legion, The Cursed Ship.

    Additional info: During the workshops, we’ll learn about alternative ways of creating prototypes for video games. We will find out how to put such a prototype in the game structure, taking into account the most important aspects of game design.

    Time: 3h
    Number of seats: 25


  • The getKanban Board Game

    If you ever wanted to learn about Kanban while also playing a board game, boy, do we have a treat for you. During the workshops will be using getKanban to teach two teams of 4-6 people how to maximize profits by optimizing the flow.

    You will have a chance to learn about tools like Cumulative Flow Diagram and deal with simulated challenges that require you to re-design your pipelines and resource allocation. It’s more fun that it sounds!

    The speakers:  Magdalena Cielecka, Barbara Trygar

    Time: 3h
    Number of seats: 8-12 (2 groups)


  • Koncept postaci z losowych słów

    Warsztat kreatywny dla designerów i grafików, sprawdzony parokrotnie inkubator pomysłów. Ideą jest zestawienie przypadkowych słów i ułożenie ich w spójny, ciekawy koncept (np. “mechanik + maskarada + pustynia + melancholiny”). 15min. per wylosowany zestaw + wspólne omówienie i zderzenie wymyślonych koncepcji. Umiejętność rysowania nie jest wymagana, chodzi o kreatywną burzę mózgów, z której każdy wynosi inspiracje do własnych projektów

    Speaker: Gracjana Zielińska

    Time: 2h
    Number of seats: 20


  • CRYENGINE 5.5 Hands-On Crash Course

    Get a crash course on using CRYENGINE 5.5 for game development without writing a line of code using the same level design and visual scripting tools that created Crytek games including the CRYSIS series, Hunt: Showdown, Ryse: Son of Rome, and the VR games The Climb and Robinson. If you plan to bring a laptop to work hands-on, please install the free CRYENGINE 5.5 editor ( and GameSDK ( asset before the workshop. Full setup instructions can be found by downloading our beginner’s course:

    Speaker: Brian Dilg

    Time: 1h
    Room: Workshop D (floor 1)