Daycare for gamedev kids

Inclusiveness is one of the main ideas we have in mind when we are doing GIC!


Do you need to attend an important business meeting in MeetToMatch, have a job interview in Geek Careers or have a panel to attend at GIC, while you have no option to do that because you need to take care of your little ones?

We do our best to offer a solution to this problem, providing professional daycare during GIC. The daycare room is available from Friday to Sunday.
This option is available for GIC Developer or Business pass holders.




Service will be run by Wymyslnik Agaty Heyman. The company has multiple years’ experience in providing children care at business events. Their professional carers will keep your kids entertained while making sure they’re safe when you’re busy attending the GIC. And they speak English too!

The daycare room features the rest area as well as a large play area, divided into a few sections. There is also a snack corner providing basic foods and drinks: water, juices, fruit and non-flavoured corn puffs. Located conveniently next to the daycare room, you can find bathrooms and toilets, fitted with baby changing tables.

Upon arrival, parents are handed a care form to be filled with some basic info: your child’s name and age, allergy notes and your telephone contact number. The allowed time to stay at the daycare is six hours. Our service is intended for children from 3 to 15 years of age.