Game Industry Conference is not only the main conference itself. It consists of many side events, equally interesting, with a lot of expertise in given gamedev fields. Some may find it fascinating to go deep into coding, while others tend to concentrate on the beauty of the design. Below you will find summits during #GIC19. Further info about other events may be found in our timetable.



Godot Sprint 14-15.10.2019 Pawilon 14, MTP EXPO, PoznaƄ

Second Godot Sprint, with the intent for contributors to meet IRL and get some work done. This contributor sprint is primarily intended for existing engine and documentation contributors in order to work together on current topics, review Pull Requests, discuss the roadmap, etc. We also welcome users who aren’t contributors yet but would like to get involved, be it with C++ engine contributions, documentation writing or the creation of other teaching materials (demos, courses, etc.).

Event is for free, upon registration. More information here.


Godot Con 16-17.10.2019 Pawilon 14, MTP EXPO, PoznaƄ

Similar to the event we also organize each February in Brussels, GodotCon PoznaƄ is an event for all Godot community members, both curious newcomers and power users, to meet other users and contributors to the engine and exchange knowledge and experience. Talks and workshops during the two days, with the possibility to hang out together for dinner in the evenings. If you are interested in meeting fellow Godot users and many of the engine’s core contributors, we strongly recommend that you join us at GodotCon. Last year was a lot of fun, and we expect this new edition to be even better :)

Event is for free, upon registration. More information here.



Game Design Summit 15-18.10.2019 Pawilon 14, MTP EXPO, PoznaƄ

This is where game designers can learn from the best, exchange ideas and develop their skills – and it’s happening! A conference for professionals by professionals, bringing you knowledge in the form of 4-hour workshop blocks in the topics of Game Design, Narrative Design, Level Design and Wildcard (everything not directly falling under the other categories) and 45-minute interactive talks from the best people in the industry.

Event is ticketed. More information here.


Game sector: Research + Education + Industry Congress 18.10.2019, MTP EXPO, PoznaƄ

The congress is an innovative proposition for both academics and game developers. Its main goal is to build a space where both gamedev professionals and scholars will be able to share their experiences and knowledge. During the Congress, visitors will be able to take part in lectures, discussion panels, and roundtables. The Congress is organized by Indie Games Poland. The event is financed as a part of “Dialog” program by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Congress’ partners are also Totalizator Sportowy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Tickets: for representatives from NGOs, Universities and public administration, the event is free after registration. Tickets will be sent after the application approval. Everyone else can enter with a ticket for GIC or PGA.