All-access as Pay what you like

We aim to help gamedev grow. We believe knowledge should be as openly available as possible. The #GICcares way of thinking is strong in us. We see PWYL as the only way to price full access to the conference in 2020.

We are not differentiating tickets. Everything will be available as PWYL. Not only the talks but even the business level access, including the premium business meetings system MeetToMatch. That would be the first time globally.

One can see it as “price what is it worth to you”, or as…

Support or be supported

The GIC is organized by Vitruvio Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization with statutory goals to support game development, education, research, and innovations.

Choosing its own price, one can back programs organized by GIC, these aside from the conference and its side-events include:

  • support for small developers
  • scholarships for young talented devs
  • game development classes for high school students
  • research projects on the game industry
  • game jams, maratons, competitions

But how about those who need support?
Then the option to choose zero is RECOMMENDED for them.

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