GIC inclusiveness scholarship

Why do we call it “The inclusiveness scholarship”?

We love game developers.

Moreso, we understand that sometimes it is hard being indie and that there are places where being a dev may be more difficult. Or it may be simply challenging to make games and reach international events.

We invite indies in times of need, developers from low-income countries and underrepresented minorities.

We trust that if you have the courage and determination to fulfill your dreams, there should be no boundaries to do so.

This is why we help.

Our scholars

Coming from all directions of the world they inspire with their passion for making games. Seeking new opportunities and places where they can finally use their talent in the game development industry and fulfill their dreams. The program in its there pre-covid editions, has kicstarted the careers of 40 awesome individuals. Below we present you just a glimpse of what some of them could encounter and achieve with our small help.

Thilina Premasiri, Director in Arimac

Thilina Premasiri

Thilina comes from Sri Lanka and wanted to visit international game events such as GIC to show others the value of Sri Lankan game development. He is eager to learn, network and share that back to empower his local talent pool.

“GIC is the best conference I attended. Honestly, it has given me many opportunities, way more than I expected. I got valuable possibilities to network and find business partners. It has been a breakthrough in my career. “

Nikoloz Astamidze, Unity Developer in Huuuge Games

Nikoloz Astamidze

Nikoloz came from Georgia and wanted to study in Poland. He also wanted to meet new interesting people, gain and share experiences and learn how to find his own path to success. He found even more.

“GIC opens the doors to countless possibilities! In 3 days I was able to meet great professionals from all around the world, share experiences, make connections, accomplish my childhood dreams and of course, have fun. Finally, the most life-changing for me – finding the job in one of the greatest companies in the world, Huuuge Games. Don’t hesitate – Go to GIC!”

Lucas Antunes Estanislau Ribeiro, Producer in Donkey Crew

Lucas Antunes Estanislau Ribeiro

Lucas came from Brasil, where he struggled with the economic crisis while trying to find connection with international developers for Brasilian creators. Nowadays he does not only help the Brasilian gamedev scene thrive but does it also for Poland.

“My applying for the scholarship of the Game Industry Conference was a life-changing experience. Thanks to GIC I had honor and pleasure to meet the awesome folks at Donkey Crew and I am here as a producer, helping them shape a most anticipated game called Last Oasis. A simple trip to an industry event that changed my life. Thank you, GIC!”

Help our scholars and be a part of the inclusiveness scholarship

Join or program and help us build a better future for the next generations of gamedev! Whether you produce games, publish them or just can provide an environment for gaining knowledge. We can work together to support their efforts and help them find new opportunities.

Pick your area of expertise and encourage our scholars in one of the fields listed below.

Our inclusiveness scholarship provides:

  • Game Industry Conference Business Pass, including:
    • full access to Game Industry Conference and Poznan Game Arena
    • Grip meetings system
    • other networking possibilities including parties
    • bonuses like: sightseeing tours
    • details given here
  • group accommodation in Poznan during the event (Indie Hostel style)
  • most of the alimentation in the form of breakfasts and lunches at the conference and catering at the evening parties

Scholars own costs and responsibilities are:

  • travel to Poznan, some ideas of options and costs can be found here
  • additional living costs in Poznan where necessary
  • costs of obtaining passport and visa where necessary
  • other costs where necessary

We provide help and expertise with EU/Polish Visa process and formal invitations when necessary.

This is a continuous call.

For the GIC scholarship there is no submission deadline. The call ends when the number of chosen scholars reaches 16. Candidates are informed, whether chosen or rejected.

Important notice:

As many of the scholars would need passports, visas or plane tickets, we accept first candidates as soon as possible. That gives the scholars the chance to prepare and all the official processes to take their due time.

Are you willing to be part of our inclusiveness scholarship?

For any further information please contact Hanna Marszałkowska at:

Please, help us and spread the word about this scholarship!

As we are trying to reach the underrepresented – our reach might sometimes be limited. If you have a regional group on Facebook, local game dev meeting, indie friend from a country that makes indie life harder than elsewhere – tell others about our scholarship! Let’s help together!