More inclusiveness

Inclusiveness is one of the main ideas we have in mind when we are doing GIC. So let us announce three additional inclusiveness options!

Daycare for gamedev children during GIC

Do you need to attend an important business meeting in Pitch and Match, have a job interview in Geek Careers or have a panel to attend at GIC, while you have no option to do that because you need to take care of your little ones?

We do our best to offer at least partial solution offering daycare during GIC. The daycare will be localized in Hall 3a of the expo, just 5 min of walk from GIC, where you can at the same time visit Happy Baby showcase. The allowed time of stay at the daycare is three hours.

This option is available for GIC Developer or Business pass holders.

To make most of this option please email before the show or contact the GIC desk.

Women in games breakfast

Breakfast and roundtable at the same time, to empower and encourage female part of the industry.

It is supposed to serve as the platform for discussion and knowledge sharing. We also hope that more experienced attendees will be able to advise on solving challenges the younger ones have. And — you can have a breakfast.

The event will be held at GIC, pavilion 15, floor 0 on Saturday at 10:00 – 11:00.

Making games and having babies

A discussion with panelists Daria Zersen, Konstanty Kalicki, Anna Kalicka, Adam Robaszyński-Janiec, hosted by: Joanna Buganik-Pałka

At GIC 2015 a fantastic talk with this exact title was presented by Jaana Nykänen (Divine Robot). The story, however, does not end there, people all around the world are still making games and having babies. In this panel, we decided to do a bigger debate on this topic. Four experts, parents and game developers, will share their insights on how they overcome the challenges that this dual class brings upon them.

The panel will be held at 15:00 on Saturday in Microsoft Hall.

We are proud to announce that this additional inclusiveness package was possible due to a sponsorship of Anshar Studios.