Women in Games Breakfast

In 2018 we held the first Women in Games Breakfast powered by Anshar Studios. As the event was really appreciated, we decided to make it a tradition.

What is Women in Games Breakfast?

Women in Games Breakfast is an annual opportunity for all women, both working in game development and exploring career opportunities in this field, to meet and discuss the game industry.  It usually combines a roundtable and breakfast, creating a comfortable networking space for all attendees. Roundtable and surrounding activities are aimed at empowering women in the video industry and serving as a platform for discussion and knowledge-sharing.

This year, we’re planning to discuss the following topics:

– Do you want to learn how to negotiate higher wages?

– How to strengthen your position in the company?

– How to create a better work environment?

– How to boost your self-confidence?

Among various activities aimed to entertain the attendees, there are planned:

– meeting with a psychiatrist about handling difficult situations and taking care of your mental wellness

– meeting with an HR specialist about negotiating wages and strengthening your position in the company

– networking

– live surveys

– giveaways

– and, of course, a delicious breakfast with coffee and snacks!