Roundtables & AUA

GIC, being the biggest gathering of the game industry around, is cooperating with industry experts on providing more than just talks and panels. Some other, carefully tailored formats can provide more insights for the attendees. Roundtables were introduced to GIC in 2017. For the first time there was just 8 of them, but from the very beginning the industry announced them as one of the best and most useful parts of the conference. Expect up to 20 roundtables at GIC’22.

This year we also introduce completely new format AUA – Ask Us Anything.

Industry roundtables

The Roundtable is a unique type of event at the conference which focuses entirely on participants and their discussion. It is designed for developers working in a field concerning a given topic to meet and discuss particular problems or ideas. With a little help from experienced moderators, each participant may present a problem, start a discussion or try to answer questions of other participants. Roundtable aims to focus on the issues that are real and present instead of solving theoretical problems. The average roundtable at GIC has 20-40 attendees and a bit more than an hour of discussion.

The roundtable schedule will be available on the agenda page.

Special roundtables

Few roundtables at GIC have special formats or purposes. First of all there is Women in Games Breakfast.

Since 2019 in two more special roundtables we invite not only industry professionals but also representatives of universities to discuss the education of future employees for the game industry: separately in art and programming areas. Let’s talk about what higher education in this area looks like, and what the industry needs, what the limitations are, and what better-organized cooperation can change. This discussion will be held in Polish.

Finally, a new roundtable connecting the industry and Creative Sectors Development Centre will be introduced. The Centre is a government hub to aid growth of gamedev in Poland and in this rountable Centre’s experts would like to discuss needs of the industry and directions of future support.

AUA – Ask Us Anything

AUA is a series of discussions with experts regarding specific topics focused on answering questions from the audience. You can either listen to interesting conversation or have your problem solved in a matter of minutes by raising a hand. AUA is somewhere in the middle between a panel and a roundtable, as there are four experts to answer the questions, but the questions are supposed to all come from the audience.
The AUA schedule will be available on the agenda page.