GIC inclusiveness scholarship


We love game developers.

At the same time, we do understand there are times when it is hard being indie. And places where it is often hard being a developer. And groups of people for whom it is usually hard to make games and reach international events.

This is why we do want to help.

Maybe it is not much, but this is what we can offer to make the indie life better. We believe it will be a lot for some, and we will still try to do more in the future.



We invite indies in times of need, developers from low-income countries and underrepresented minorities to participate in our second inclusiveness scholarship program for Game Industry Conference!

Scholars will be provided with:

  • Game Industry Conference Business Pass, including:
    • full access to Game Industry Conference and Poznan Game Arena
    • Pitch and Match meetings system
    • other networking possibilities including parties
    • bonuses like Epic Game Music concert and sightseeing tours
    • details given here
  • group accommodation in Poznan during the event (Indie Hostel style)
  • most of the alimentation in the form of breakfasts in the hostel, lunches at the conference and catering at the evening parties

Scholars own costs and responsibilities are:

  • travel to Poznan, some ideas of options and costs can be found here
  • additional living costs in Poznan where necessary
  • costs of obtaining passport and visa where necessary
  • other costs where necessary

We provide help and expertise with EU/Polish Visa process and formal invitations when necessary.
We never so far experienced trouble with GIC attendees being refused Visa.

This is a continuous call!
There is no submission deadline. We will end the call when the number of chosen scholars reaches 16. We will send regular e-mail updates to the candidates, whether chosen or rejected. The call has started August 7th and all the 16 slots are free to be taken so far.

As many of the scholars would need passports, visas or plane tickets, we want to accept first candidates as soon as possible. That will give the scholars the chance to prepare and all the official processes to take their due time. This means that you should not leave your submission for later.







Please, help us tell everyone about this scholarship!

As we are trying to reach the underrepresented – our reach might sometimes be limited. If you have a regional group on Facebook, local game dev meeting, indie friend from a country that makes indie life harder than elsewhere – tell others about this! Let’s help together!