GIC Success stories

Since we started our adventure with game development, we came across countless studios, game, audio, and graphics developers or just simple games maniacs that found their path to success. Some of them you may already know, some are to be met in the upcoming edition of GIC.

Whether your achievement is a business opportunity, mentoring, or somebody that shares your vision – we are glad that we are the place where you gain your goals.


Below small sample of our friends and their accomplishments during the Game Industry Conference.



Artem Sovetnikov, CEO Autumn Fall Studio

“GIC scholarship was an incredible experience, that kickstarted our studio! We are so greatful for that opportunity! We sealed 2 contracts with more to come in the future!”



Thilina Premasiri, Director Arimac

“GIC is the best conference I attended. Honestly, it has given me many opportunities, way more than I expected. I got valuable possibilities to network and find business partners. It has been a breakthrough in my career. “



Lucas Antunes Estanislau Ribeiro, Producer Donkey Crew

“My applying for the scholarship of the Game Industry Conference was a life changing experience. Thanks to GIC I had honour and pleasure to meet the awesome folks at Donkey Crew and I am here as a producer, helping them shape a most anticipated game called Last Oasis. A simple trip to an industry event that changed my life. Thank you, GIC!”


Aduardas Klenauskis, CEO UAB Applava

“While having developed Blazing Beaks we attended GIC willing to show our game and seek for potential business partnership. We did not except such significant outcome for our studio. I am very thankfull that I had such opportunity to attend GIC, because not only I got a lot of experience and insights, made new contacts, saw a lot of other inspiring games, but also came back with 2 publishing contracts and 2 other business opportunities.”


BĹ‚aĹĽej Zawadzki, Head of Account Management Lionbridge

“As Lionbridge we always come to PoznaĹ„ to see industry friends and meet new partners. GIC is where you meet almost everyone from Polish GameDev and where you find great environment for starting new business partnerships. It was during GIC last year where I was able to find 5 new projects and ship 5 games. This is the place to be!”


Konstanty Kalicki, Co-founder Thing Trunk

“We are creating a series of unique pop-up book homage to classic games. At GIC we are looking to meet old and new friends and bring our games to wider audiences. We meet fantastic people there, resulting in signing cross-promotion deals. Made friendships concluded in getting couple of our other best projects. Definitely an event we will be returning to every year!”


Mikołaj Pawłowski, CEO Juggler Games

“Juggler Games will be forever in GIC dept. We are a game development studio, who created My Memory of Us – a story-driven action and puzzle title. It was during GIC we met Mark Estdale from OMUK Studio. Thanks to this meeting, we had one of a kind opportunity to collaborate with Sir Patrick Stewart, who was the narrator for our game. We won’t miss any next GIC for sure, and you should not too.”